Tom Kroessig is an Ambassador Field Director volunteer for Promise Keepers, serving Fayette and Coweta Counties and beyond. His mission is to be a resource for local Pastors and their men and to act as a liaison between them and the national Promise Keepers ministry. The goal of Promise Keepers is effective ministry to men.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Weak and tired? Then praise the LORD!

For a week or more I have been feeling weak and tired. Today has been particularly challenging.

Here is part of a timely devotional I received today via e-mail from Rev. Dr. Issaiah Waddy:

Father, we get tired and sometimes we get weak. We must confess we even weary in doing good. Not just our enemies but even our family and love ones get on our nerves. Father, You have such patience with us, loving and providing for us when we are pouting and mean. Father, teach us to strive to be like Your Son Jesus, loving wholeheartly.

In our tiredness refresh us, in our weakness strengthen us, in our sadness give us Joy, peace and the Holy Ghost. Help us to strip off apathy, complacency, depression, unforgiving spirits, laziness, intolerance, and help us put on the garment of praise.

Let everything that lives sing praises to the Lord!

When we praise, we feel better; when we praise, we serve better; when we praise, we love greater; when we praise, burdens are lifted and yokes are destroyed

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